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Connecticut has a strong history of liberal politics, but these days, the right wing Republicans are trying to change Connecticut's political legacy. They're substituting Yankee love of freedom with the politics of fear.

We don't want to see Connecticut become just another staging ground for the GOP's culture war, but we know that, these days, it's an uphill fight. That's why we created this collection of progressive activist resources for Connecticut - so that concerned citizens can find people of like minds, and get active. From the old standby liberal organizations to the newer Occupy movement networks, there's a lot of opportunity for people who care enough to get up out of their seats and make a change.

We're just getting started assembling information about all that Connecticut residents do to advance progressive causes. If you know of additional candidates, informational resources or organizations in Connecticut of a progressive inclination, let us know so we can consider including them here.

Now get to it!

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Progressive Organizations in Connecticut

Occupy Hartford
Connecticut Green Party
Connecticut Voices for Civil Justice
Connecticut Against Gun Violence
Connecticut Association for Community Action
Connecticut Bicycle Coalition
Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice
Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness
Connecticut Coalition for Universal Health Care
Connecticut Citizen Action Group (CCAG)
Connecticut Center for a New Economy
Connecticut Division of the United Nations Association-USA
Connecticut Housing Coalition
ConnPIRG: the Connecticut Public Interest Research Group
New Haven Gay and Lesbian Community Center
Rivers Alliance
Save the Sound
Connecticut Valley Atheists
Humanist Association of Connecticut

Progressive Sources of News and Information in Connecticut

My Left Nutmeg
CT Blue
Fairfield County Weekly
Hartford Advocate
New Haven Advocate
WKPN 89.5 (Bridgeport)

Mainstream News Sources

Connectictut Post (Bridgeport)
Danbury News-Times
Fairfield News-Citizen
Hartford Courant
New Haven Register

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