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Physically, Delaware is not a large state. Delaware does not have much land or very many people. However, Delaware packs an outsized political punch due to the additional electoral weight of two Senators and two additional electoral votes in presidential elections. Having Joseph Biden as Vice President hardly diminishes the state's impact either. That's why we put together this progressive directory for Delaware.

In recognition of Delaware's importance, we're offering a set of bumper stickers tailored to progressive political candidates and causes in the state. If you want to take the further step of helping to organize for progressive political victories, we've not only provided links to campaigns looking for your help, we've also listed and linked to a number of progressive non-profit organizations working on particular issues across Delaware.

We're looking for alternative news sources in Delaware. If you know of additional information resources or organizations in Delaware of a progressive inclination, please do let us know so we can consider including them here.

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Progressive Organizations in Delaware

Occupy Delaware
Green Party of Delaware
Progressive Democrats for Delaware
Delaware Pacem in Terris
Delaware County Wage Peace and Justice
Peace Center of Delaware County
ACLU Delaware
Delaware Audubon
Delaware Riverkeeper
Delaware Nature Society
Delaware Sierra Club
Delaware Valley Bicycle Club
Delaware Museum of Natural History
Delaware Liberty Fund
Delaware Pride
Toward Equality
University of Delaware Secular Student Alliance

Messages for Progressive Delaware
Delaware Progressive Bumper Sticker
Delaware Progressive Bumper Sticker

Delaware for Peace Tshirt

Delaware for Peace Tshirt

Delaware for Peace bumper sticker
Delaware for Peace bumper sticker
Delaware for Peace Coffee Mug
Delaware for Peace Coffee Mug
Re-Elect Chris Coons to the Senate Campaign Button
Vote Chris Coons back into the Senate for another term campaign button
Delaware Liberal Bumper Sticker
Delaware Liberal Bumper Sticker
Delaware Green Party shirt
Green Party of Delaware tshirt

Delaware Liberal Oval Car Sticker

Delaware Liberal Oval Car Sticker

Delaware Anti-war Button

Delaware Anti-war Button

Delaware in the US Congress

Senator Thomas Carper
Senator Chris Coons
Representative John Carney
Delaware Mainstream News Sources Delaware Beachcomber
Dover Post
Sussex County NewsZap
Wilmington News Journal

Progressive Sources of Information in Delaware

Delaware Liberal
Delaware Way
Outside the Machine
Paul's Progressive Postings
Kilroy's Delaware

Delaware Against Mitt Romney pin

Delaware Against Mitt Romney button

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