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Georgia is purple. Certainly, some of Georgia's communities like Augusta are known for bible-thumping, fundamentalist conservatism. But try shoving your religion down someone's throat in Savannah, and you'll get openly ridiculed for your intolerance. Did you know that DeKalb county's Decatur spawned the unabashedly progressive lesbian music duo, the Indigo Girls? Emory University remains an institution that embraces diversity of thought and deed. Georgia Congressman John Lewis has repeatedly stood against violence, hatred and war at times when Northeastern liberals didn't bother.

These beacons of Georgia's liberal streak shine brightly. To speak realistically, however, those of us who would like to turn Georgia a nice shade of blue have got a lot of work ahead of us. Luckily, there are some very hard-working progressives there already. Every Georgia progressive does the work of ten, and makes a big difference. We put together this directory of progressive Georgia resources not only to help bring greater notice to the liberal side of the state, but to help those Georgia's liberals find and connect with each other. We're sure we've missed a number of progressive organizations in this listing, so if you know of any progressive groups, information resources, or candidates in Georgia that we don't already have listed here, drop us a line and we will happily consider adding links to them as a part of this growing catalog of Georgia's moves in the right (by which we mean the Left) direction.

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Progressive Organizations in Georgia

Occupy Atlanta

Georgia Green Party

Dekalb Young Democrats

Georgia For Democracy

Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition

Georgia Rural/Urban Summit

ACLU of Georgia

Georgia Justice Project

Georgia Watch

Common Cause Georgia

Atlanta Bicycle Campaign

Friends of the Beltline

Atlanta WAND: Women's Action for New Directions

Georgia WIN List

Georgia Equality

Atlanta Pride

The Carter Center

Macon Peace

Atlanta Freethought Society

Fellowship of Reason

Georgia Against Mitt Romney

Georgia Against Mitt Romney button

Mainstream News and Information Sources

The Albany Herald

The Athens Banner-Herald

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

The Macon Telegraph

The Savannah Morning News

The Emory Wheel

Progressive Sources of News and Information from Georgia

Atlanta Indymedia

Atlanta Progressive News

Radio Free Georgia

Blog for Democracy

Georgia Forum

Messages for Georgia Progressives

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