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Idaho, known popularly for potatoes and one corner of Yellowstone National Park, might strike some people as an odd addition to a directory of progressive resources. After all, the Aryan Nation and the John Birch Society get an awful lot of press in a state that doesn't often make national headlines.

The truth is, of course, far from what the mainstream news media broadcasts on its nationwide networks. When my car ran off the road four miles north of Boise, I encountered help and hospitality from the area's low-profile aging hippies. Up in Moscow, I've seen a community with a strong progressive presence, and found books there commemorating the kind of Washington D.C. protests that usually get all the coverage.

The land of Idaho has an awful lot for the people there to love, and though it is not as showy as the landscapes in some states, the traffic makes less of a presence too. A casual survey reveals a high desert full of dried up sage, but a dig below finds strong liberal roots that only need a good rain to wake them up.

in our search for Idaho progressives, we have found a lot of dedicated organizations and individuals. However, we know that there are even more to be found. We want to help Idaho progressives in their efforts to make the world a better place, so, if you know of any progressive groups, candidates, and information resources in Idaho that we don't already have listed in this directory, get in touch and we'll take a look, and consider adding them to this growing catalog of people working for freedom, fairness, and human decency in Idaho.

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Progressive Organizations in Idaho

Progressive Democrats of America, Idaho Chapter

Idaho Green Party

American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho

Idaho Rivers United

Women of Color Alliance

Western Watersheds

Snake River Alliance

Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Sierra Club of Idaho

United Vision for Idaho

Vote for a Better Idaho

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Idaho Atheists

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Boise Weekly

Idaho Press Tribune

Idaho Public Television

Lewiston Tribune

Coeur D'Alene Press

Pocatello Idaho State Journal

Moscow-Pullman Daily News

New West Boise

Progressive Sources of News and Information from Idaho

43rd State Blues - Democracy for Idaho

As I See It... Jody May-Chang

Ain't No God

Boise Guardian

The Mountain Goat Report


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