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Louisiana is a tough state for progressives. Oh, there are a lot of good progressive organizations and people in the state, but sometimes it's difficult for Louisiana progressives to know who to trust. This is especially true when it comes to the establishment of the Louisiana Democratic Party.

Consider the case of Congressman Rodney Alexander, for example. For years, the Democratic leadership in Louisiana told us that we could trust Rodney Alexander. We were told to ignore his slow creep toward an embrace of Republican policies. The main thing, we were told, is that he was a Democrat, and Democrats always stand up for progressive ideals, right?

Wrong. In 2004, after securing the Democratic Party nomination, Rodney Alexander switched sides and became a Republican, ensuring that he wouldn't have any opponent in the election. All of the support Alexander had gotten from Louisiana progressives was betrayed in one instant.

So we're wary when it comes to the Louisiana Democratic Party, but we also know that in spite of being kicked around by the Republicans and conservative Democrats who run the state with a cruel iron grip, the progressives of Louisiana are struggling to put things right. We have fiercely independent groups like the New Orleans Progressive Democrats of America chapter to thank for that. We put together this directory of progressive resources in Louisiana because we think that the good hard work of grassroots activists in Louisiana deserves greater attention than it has received.

In our search, we have come across many good progressive organizations and individuals in Louisiana, but we're know that there are even more to be found. We want to help Louisiana progressives in their work for positive change, so, if you know of any progressive groups, information resources, or candidates in Louisiana that we don't already have listed here, drop us a line and we will happily consider adding links to them as a part of this growing catalog of freedom and idealism in Louisiana.

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