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Minnesota Progressive Resources

The experts keep on saying that Minnesota is turning into a red state. Yet, Minnesota keeps on voting progressive blue.

Let's keep things in perspective. In alphabetical order, Minnesota comes right before red state Mississippi. In real political terms, however, the two states could not be further apart. For example, if you search the web, you'll have a hard time finding the web site for just one anti-war group in Mississippi. In Minnesota, the number of anti-war organizations are almost beyond count, and have a very strong online presence.

We put together this directory of progressive Minnesota resources to help bring greater notice to the hard working liberals that form the true foundation of Minnesota politics. We've found a rich variety of progressive action in Minnesota, but we're sure that there's even more to be found. We want to help all the progressives on the ground in Minnesota, so, if you know of any progressive groups, information resources, or candidates in Minnesota that we don't already have listed here, drop us a line and we will happily consider adding links to them as a part of this growing catalog of Minnesota progress.

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Trump Bumpers
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Liberal Activist Catalog


Americans United Against Trump
The UnTrumped
Stick Trump

Spartacus Mosque
Irregular News
Progressive Organizations in Minnesota

Occupy Minnesota

Occupy MN

Democratic Farmer Labor Party

Stonewall Democratic Farmer Labor Caucus

Minnesota Green Party

Communists of Central and Southern Minnesota

Antiwar Committee

Minnesota Neighbors for Peace

Women Against Military Madness

Merriam Park Neighbors for Peace

St. Anthony Park Neighbors for Peace

Nonviolent Peaceforce

Pro-Choice Minnesota

League of Women Voters of Minnesota

Planned Parenthood of Minnesota

Minnesota NOW

Friends of the Mississippi River

Minnesota Environmental Partnership

Minnesota Audubon

1000 Friends of Minnesota

Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness

Minnesota Atheists

Lake Superior Freethinkers

Atheists for Human Rights

Camp Quest of Minnesota

The Minnesota Project

Minnesota Naturalists' Association

Minnesota for an Energy Efficient Economy

Minnesota Land Trust

Minnesota Public Interest Research Group

Out Front Minnesota

St. Cloud Out


Mainstream News and Information Sources

Duluth News Tribune

Minneapolis - St. Paul Star Tribune

Minnesota Public Radio

Rochester Post Bulletin

St. Cloud Times

Twin Cities Pioneer Press

Progressive Sources of News and Information from Minnesota

KFAI Radio: Truth to Tell

Dump Michele Bachmann


Lavender Magazine

Minnesota Progressive Project

Twin Cities Daily Planet

Messages for a Progressive Minnesota

The Irregular State of Minnesota

Minnesota Liberal Activist Magnet
Minnesota Liberal Activist Magnet

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Minnesota for Peace (peace sign state map t-shirt)

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