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Montana Progressive Resources

It's hard to make any general statements about Montana. For one thing, in spite of the state's name, much of Montana doesn't have any mountains at all. Indeed, most of the square mileage of Montana is made up of flat plains broken only by small towns and meandering rivers. Of course, Montana's mountains are great. In the west, Montana joins the other mountain states with equal footing in grandeur.

Still, there's also a real difference between a town like Billings and a place like Missoula. Missoula is a fantastic center of liberal activity with a strong economy and a rich community. Most of the rest of Montana is more subdued, and less openly friendly to liberal values of openness and equal liberty for all.

Still, there are good progressive people all across Montana. It's just that Montana progressives can operate more openly in some places than in others. Almost everyone in Montana has a genuine love for the land, and that's a good place to seek unity when other issues divide.

We put this directory of progressive Montana resources together just after making our way through the state, talking to people on the ground about what's going on. Still, Montana is an awfully big place to cover, and we're sure that we've missed some very good organizations and people along the way. So, if you know of any progressive organizations, information resources, or candidates in Montana that we don't already have listed here, drop us a line and we will consider adding links to them as a part of this growing catalog of Montana progress.

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Progressive Organizations in Montana

Montana Democratic Party

Montana Green Party

Progressive Democrats of Montana

Montana Peace Seekers

Northern Plains Resource Council

Montana Environmental Information Center

ACLU of Montana

Montana Conservation Voters

Montana Human Rights Network

Jeannette Rankin Peace Center

Montana Sierra Club

Gay Montana

Democrats Against Max Baucus

Alternative Energy Resources Organization

Montana Freethinkers

Forward Montana

Montana Audubon

Montana Public Interest Research Group

Montana River Action

Montana Roadless Working Group

Five Valleys Land Trust

Montanans for a Healthy Climate

Montana Wildlife Federation

Montana Wilderness Association

Montana Smart Growth Coalition

Clark Fork Coalition

American Wildlands

Montana in the US Congress

Senator Jon Tester

Senator Max Baucus

Representative Denny Rehberg

Mainstream News and Information Sources

Billings Gazette

Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Helena Independent Record

Montana Public Radio

The Missoulian

Progressive Sources of News and Information from Montana

Missoula Independent

Left in the West

New West Montana

Messages for a Progressive Montana

The Irregular State of Montana

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Montana Liberal Oval Bumper Sticker

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Montana Democrat Bumper Sticker

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