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Progressive Resources for Nebraska

When I was a kid, I regarded Nebraska as just another one of those squarish states in the middle of the country. I thought these states were interchangeable. When I grew older, I quickly learned better.

After school, I went to live in Iowa for a while, and made frequent trips out to Nebraska, taking the long drive through the middle of the state to visit small places and Nebraska's two great cities, Lincoln and Omaha. A lot of people don't realize the strength of a Midwestern city, the way it stands out as a proud tall beacon of big ideas out in the great fields.

Lincoln and Omaha have a lot of progressive political action going on, but so do the smaller towns of Nebraska, in their smaller ways. For one thing, Nebraska is a hotbed of conservation activity, due to its vital placement in the path of major bird migrations. From conservation, Nebraskans move into community activism, and to the basic ideals that underlie progressive ideals: Freedom, fairness and peace.

We created this special directory of progressive organizations in Nebraska because we have great respect for the way that Nebraskans transform their principles into practical action. We've Nebraska searched for active progressive groups and information, compiling a core listing of liberal Nebraska resources into the directory you see below. However, we know that there's even more going on in Nebraska, and we'd like to expand our list. So, if you know of any progressive organizations, information resources, or candidates in Nebraska that we don't already have listed here, drop us a line and we will consider adding links to them as a part of this growing directory.

This collection of Nebraska progressive resources is brought to you by Irregular Times, the online journal for news unfit to print.

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Progressive Organizations in Nebraska

Nebraska Green Party

Nebraska Democratic Party

Nebraska Young Democrats

Nebraskans for Peace

Nebraska ACLU

Progressive Omaha

Nebraska Equal Justice Clearinghouse

Rationalists, Empiricists, and Skeptics of Nebraska

Prairie Peace Park

Central Nebraska Peace Workers of Nebraska

Platte River Whooping Crane Maintenance Trust

Audubon Nebraska

Platte River Endangered Species Partnership

Nebraska Citizens for Science

Nebraska Sierra Club

GLBTA Student Resource Center at University Nebraska Lincoln

Omaha Nebraska Gay Pride

Out in Omaha


League of Women Voters of Omaha

Nebraska's Senators and Representatives in Congress

Senator Mike Johanns
Senator Ben Nelson

Representative Jeff Fortenberry
Representative Lee Terry
Representative Adrian Smith

Mainstream News and Information Sources

Lincoln Star Journal

North Platte Telegraph

Fremont Tribune

Nebraska Studies

Progressive Sources of News and Information from Nebraska

Nebraska Appleseed

New Nebraska Network

UNO Democrats Blog

Nebraska Politics Lens

Messages for a Progressive Nebraska

The Irregular State of Nebraska

Nebraska Democrat Bumper Sticker

Nebraska Democrat Bumper Sticker

Nebraska Red State Blue Voter Button

Nebraska Red State Blue Voter Button

Nebraska Progressive Bumper Sticker

Nebraska Progressive Oval Sticker

Adrian Smith Heifer Health Care Button
Adrian Smith Heifer Health Care Button
Forget Fortenberry campaign button
Forget Fortenberry campaign button

Nebraska Liberal Black Baseball Cap

Nebraska Liberal Black Baseball Cap

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