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Progressive Resources for Nevada

In the minds of many Americans, Nevada is nothing but The Strip, Sin City, an unreal place to go and have a good time without having to worry about the consequences. Well, in real life, the people of Nevada wake up in the morning, get to work, and deal with all the grinding aspects of everyday life that other Americans do. Nevadans do not live in some kind of gigantic Candyland. They live in a state where the harsh realities of life are echoed in a struggle between the dominant conservative power and a scrappy progressive opposition that survives by moving faster than the fattened Republican elites who hold most elected offices.

Nevada has space, that's for sure, and sprawl casts out into the desert night. So, in a place as spread out as Nevada, it can be a special challenge for progressive folks to find each other and organize. That's why we created this special directory of progressive organizations currently active in Nevada.

As the result of our search, we've compiled a core listing of liberal groups to place on this directory, but we'd like to expand our list to include even more. If you know of any progressive organizations, information resources, or candidates in Nevada that we don't already have listed here, drop us a line and we will consider adding links to them as a part of this growing directory.

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Progressive Organizations in Nevada

Nevada Green Party

Nevada Democrats

Progress Now Nevada

Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada

Stonewall Democratsof northern Nevada

Humanist Association of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada

Reno AntiWar Coalition

American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada

Friends of Nevada Wilderness

Southern Nevada Association of Pride

Mainstream News and Information Sources

KNPR Nevada Public Radio

Las Vegas City Life

Nevada Appeal

Tahoe World

Reno Gazette-Journal

Progressive Sources of News and Information from Nevada

Desert Beacon

Reno and its Discontents

Blue Sage Views

Las Vegas Independent Media Center

Messages for a Progressive Nevada

The Irregular State of Nevada

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Nevada Against War Button

Nevada Against War Button

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Nevada Red State Blue Voter Button

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