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The Progressive State of New Jersey

What is it about New Jersey in particular that makes it the butt of so many jokes? Some say that New Jersey is too far outside the New York City scene, but then what does that say about a state like Wyoming, which is fifty times further away, culturally and geographically? Some say that New Jersey is too polluted, but what state in the Union isn't? Some say that New Jersey is nothing but a big highway, or a big shopping mall, or a big suburb, but New Jersey is bigger than all that.

Oh, New Jersey definitely has problems. The sprawl in parts of the Garden State is disgusting, and it's continuing to spread. The traffic is not simple and fast enough to describe it as a snarl. There is dirt, and dirty dirt, in New Jersey to be sure.

But, I know a bit about New Jersey. I've gotten lost in Hoboken, and I've travelled the state from bottom to top. Some of my fondest memories of childhood play are of an afternoon I spent out on the beach at Sandy Hook, where I first found the curious secrets of mole crabs. I've got family in the state, and have done a lot of business there, and I've found several different faces for New Jersey to wear.

There are huge suburbs in New Jersey, but there are also lovely small towns and defiant wildernesses. Most of all, I've found a great variety of people in New Jersey, not just the NYC refugees of popular imagery. I've never met a mobster in New Jersey, but I have met a lot of great progressive people there, and this directory of liberal political resources in New Jersey is dedicated to them.

New Jersey swings, and a state that swings finds many good people willing to keep up the struggle for liberty, fairness, and a more decent future for America. Unfortunately, we can't find all the progressive groups in New Jersey all on our own. We have found a good core of liberal organizations to place on this directory, but we'd like to expand our list to include even more. If you know of any progressive information resources, organizations or candidates in New Jersey that we don't have listed here, let us know and we will consider adding links to them through this growing directory.

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New Jersey Progressive Democrats

Pinelands Preservation Alliance

New Jersey Peace Action

New Jersey Public Interest Research Group

Animal Protection League of New Jersey

Center for Urban Restoration Ecology

Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

New Jersey Environmental Federation

New Jersey Environmental Center

New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium

Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey

New Jersey Sierra Club

Wild New Jersey

New Jersey Conservation Foundation

New Jersey Audubon Society

Native Plant Society of New Jersey

Mainstream News Sources

Jersey Politics

The New Jersey Herald

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Courier-News of Bridgewater

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The Irregular State of New Jersey

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