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The Progressive State of New York

Close your eyes and think of New York, and you'll see Manhattan. Look at a map of New York State and you'll see that there's an awful lot more to New York than just the city. For one thing, there are other cities of substance in that great huge area called Upstate. For another thing, there are huge agricultural areas, producing as much corn as Iowa. Then there's the Adirondack State Park, the largest park east of the Mississippi River.

No matter what you're looking for, New York has it: City, country, mountains, beaches, old growth forests, new ideas and some of the greatest schools in all America. New York is everything the red states are not, and it's no accident that so many people flock to the state that serves as the home of progressive politics.

There is so much progressive political and cultural activity in New York State that we have had to focus our initial progressive directory for New York to statewide organizations and progressive groups that are based in areas outside of New York City. After all, progressive groups in Gotham already get plenty of publicity, both in the state and in the nation.

That said, progressives everywhere in America are in need of support. So, if you know of any progressive candidates, information resources or organizations either in NYC or outside of the city, that we don't have listed here, let us know and we will consider including them in our growing index.

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Progressive scorecards:

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate

Progressive Organizations in New York

Green Party of New York State

Socialist Party of New York City

New York State Democratic Committee

Working Families Party

Hudson Valley Activist Network

Democracy for New York City

New York Against Newt Gingrich

Empire State Pride Agenda

Citizen Action of New York

Environmental Advocates of New York

New York Public Interest Research Group

Center for Constitutional Rights

New York Civil Liberties Union

Rochester Metro Justice

Rochester Alliance - a local chapter of the Alliance for Democracy

Concerned People for Social Action

Philipstown for Democracy

Democracy in Albany

Freethinkers of Upstate New York

Central New York Skeptics


Friends of Hudson

Finding Ulysses


New York Citizens for Clean Elections

Environmental Business Association of New York State

Buffalo State Students for Peace

Buffalo Peace People

Western New York Peace Center

Dutchess Peace Coalition

The Croton Peace Initiative

New York City Atheists

Syracuse Real Food Cooperative

New Yorkers for Verified Voting

Progressive Political Gear for New York

New York Liberal T-Shirts

New York Progressive Political Gear

Congress Campaign Gear for New Yorkers

New York for Jill Stein campaign button
New York for Jill Stein
Occupy Wall Street: We are the 99%
Occupy Wall Street button
Mainstream News Sources

New York Times

Syracuse Post Standard

Albany Times Union

WRVO - NPR news for Central New York

Buffalo News

Ithaca Times

Progressive Sources of News and Information from New York

Upstate Greens

WNY Media Network

Rochester Independent Media Center

New York City Independent Media Center

EcoThreat - environmental alert information

Buffalo Art Voice

Buffalo's AltPress

Bruce Jackson's Buffalo Report

The Rossi Rant

CNY ecoBlog


Cu Sith Myth Blog

Finding Ulysses

Messages for a Progressive New York

The Irregular State of New York

new york green party tshirt
New York Green Party tshirt

New York Democrat Yard Sign

New York Against Newt Gingrich
New York Against Newt Gingrich button
New York Against Mitt Romney
New York Against Mitt Romney

New York Wants Dodd 2008 bumpersticker
New York Liberal bumper sticker

New York for Obama Button
New York Marriage Equality tshirt

A note about being a New York progressive. Don't assume that just because we're progressives, we automatically support the Democratic candidate. Sometimes, as in the case of Senator Chuck Schumer, the Democrat isn't worthy of support.

  • Charles Schumer voted to censure Bill Clinton
  • Chuck Schumer refused to censure George W. Bush
  • Schumer voted to help George W. Bush start the Iraq War
  • Even though Michael Hayden supported programs to spy against the American people, Schumer voted to confirm Hayden as CIA chief
  • Schumer supported torture when he supported Michael Mukasey.

    It is because we are New York progressives that we can no longer support Charles Schumer.

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