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The Increasingly Progressive State of Ohio

Ohio, I am afraid, is likely to take the place of Florida, at least until 2008. Between 2000 and 2004, whenever anyone said "Remember Florida", everyone would groan in instant remembrance of the electoral scandals in that state. Now, what will people say about Ohio?

In the national consciousness, Ohio is a place of great things that almost were, and a smaller image of the division in the nation as a whole. More locally, Ohio is a place where people are concerned about getting things done. Ohio has a strong liberal tradition of freedom, fairnesss, and hard work, right alongside the more questionable traditions of the holy rollers and other immigrants from south of the Mason Dixon Line. The fight for Ohio mirrors the fight for America.

We created this page of progressive resources for Ohio in order to promote the state's more liberal organizations and individuals. Even with all the national attention that Ohio has received, there's no way that we find all the progressive groups there on our own. We're looking for help in expanding out listings, so, if you know of any progressive candidates, information resources or organizations in Ohio that we don't have listed here, let us know so that we can consider including them in our growing index.

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Progressive Organizations in Ohio

Ohio Democratic Party

Green Party of Ohio

Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio

Ohio Progressive Democratic Caucus

Ohio Young Democrats

Democracy for Ohio

Democracy for Greater Cincinnati

Campaign for a New Ohio

Ohio Common Cause

Ohio's Earth Day Coalition

Green Environmental Coalition

Ohio Environmental Council

EcoCity Cleveland

Citizens for a Progressive Ohio

Ohio Progressive Scholars Network

Sierra Club Ohio Chapter

Nature Conservancy of Ohio

ACLU for Ohio

Stonewall Columbus

Humanist Community of Central Ohio

Ohio State University Students for Freethought

Free Inquirers of Northeastern Ohio

Blue 88 - turning all of Ohio blue

Protect Ohio

Reform Ohio Now

Stop Ohio's Slide

Bring Ohio Back

Portage Democratic Coalition

Progressive Alliance of Southwestern Ohio

Cincinnati Democratic Party Meetup

We the People for Change

World Can't Wait, Ohio

Messages for a Progressive Ohio

The Irregular State of Ohio

Vote Progressive Ohio Bumper Sticker oval

Vote Progressive Ohio Bumper Sticker

Sherrod Brown for Senate Bumper Sticker

Sherrod Brown for Senate Bumper Sticker

Ohio Proud Blue State Bumper Sticker

Ohio Proud Blue State Bumper Sticker

Ohio Environmentalist Bumper Sticker

Ohio Environmentalist Bumper Sticker

Vote Progressive Ohio Bumper Sticker

Vote Progressive Ohio Bumper Sticker

Ohio Clean Great Lakes Bumpersticker

Ohio Clean Great Lakes Bumpersticker

Ohio Votes Democrat Button

Ohio Votes Democrat Button

Re-elect Marcy Kaptur Political Button

Re-elect Marcy Kaptur Campaign Button

Mainstream News Sources

Akron Beacon Journal

Cincinnati Post

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland Scene

Columbus Dispatch

Dayton Daily News

Toledo Blade

As Ohio Goes

Progressive Sources of News and Information from Ohio

Ohio progressive political reference

Blogging the Short North

Hypothetically Speaking

Ohio Watch

Ohio 2nd Congressional Blog

Wake Up Ohio!

Ohio Citizen Action

Cleveland Independent Media

Licking County Proactive Citizens

Coins for Change

People Have the Power

Hamilton County Democratic Forum

Szollosi Toledo

Walk in Brain

New Century Ohioans (Progressive Yahoo Group)

Gay People's Chronicle

Gay Ohio!

Policy Matters Ohio

An Age Like This

Cincinnati Blog


Peace Chicken

Into My Own

Glass City Jungle

Blue Bexley

Bad Pryce

Buckeye State Blog

Politics in Mudville

Psychobilly Democrat

Stubborn Liberal

Toledo Lefty

Progress Ohio

Fundamental Truths

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