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The Progressive State of Rhode Island

Rhode Island's history begins with dissent. Way back in the colonial days, a group of ornery citizens was fed up with being forced to comply with the religious principles of the majority in Massachusetts. So, they split away and formed their own independent colony, which eventually became the state of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island's independence continues to this day, with its proud vote of defiance in the 2004 elections against George W. Bush. Rhode Island is a blue state, and so is in the minority, but Rhode Islanders never allow an unprincipled majority to stifle their own free speech. Rhode Island will always fight for liberty against the politics of theocracy and fear. In fact, Rhode Island has become a modern-day haven for liberals and freethinkers, offering solace to those who feel the weight of Republican government pressing down upon them.

We created this page of Rhode Island progressive resources in order to lend a helping hand to the state's liberal organizations and individuals. Even in a state as small as Rhode Island, we can't find all the progressive groups ourselves. We're looking for help in expanding out listings, so, if you know of any progressive candidates, information resources or organizations in Rhode Island that we don't have listed here, let us know so that we can consider including them in our growing index.

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Progressive Organizations in Rhode Island

Democratic Party of Rhode Island

Green Party Rhode Island

Socialist Party of Rhode Island

Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island

Rhode Island Chapter of the Sierra Club

Nature Conservancy of Rhode Island

Audubon Society of Rhode Island

Wildflowers of Rhode Island

Save the Bay - protecting Narragansett Bay and its watershed

Rhode Island Habitat Restoration

Rhode Island Pride

Rhode Island Alliance for Lesbian and Gay Rights

Equity Action

Direct Action for Rights and Equality

National Organization for Women - Rhode Island Chapter

Grow Smart Rhode Island

Mainstream News Sources

East Bay Newspapers

The Providence Journal

The Warwick Beacon

The Woonsocket Call

The Pawtucket Times

Progressive Sources of News and Information from Rhode Island

The Providence Phoenix

Options Rhode Island

Rhode Island's Future

Biomes Blog

Brown University Democrats blog

Kevin's Marginalia

Brian Hull

Messages for a Progressive Rhode Island

The Irregular State of Rhode Island

Rhode Island Democrat! Sticker (Bumper)

Rhode Island Democrat! Sticker (Bumper)

Replace Don Carcieri Bumper Sticker

Replace Don Carcieri Bumper Sticker

RI Blue State Bumper Sticker

RI Blue State Bumper Sticker

Rhode Island Anti-Bush Bumper Sticker

Rhode Island Anti-Bush Bumper Sticker

Patrick Kennedy Bumper Sticker

Patrick Kennedy Bumper Sticker

Rhode Island Environmentalist Button

Rhode Island Environmentalist Button

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