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The Progressive State of Texas

Texas is a land that holds a special place of legend among all American states. In fact, this legendary status leads many Americans to regard Texas as more of a myth than as a real place. Well, keep in mind that John Wayne was a California actor, and that cowboy president George W. Bush is really a New Englander who went to Yale and learned his drawl for political effect later.

Texans get a lot of guff for sending George W. Bush up through its state political system and then on to the White House. Just remember that Texas is a heck of a big place, and there's a big difference between the Texas Republican elites and the ordinary people of Texas. Texas got George W. Bush put upon it just as much as America has. Tom DeLay's Homeland Security airplane fiasco illustrates the kind of power that the Republican elites have in this state.

There's a progressive community in Texas that would surprise a lot of Americans, if they knew about it. Well, we're putting together this page of progressive Texas resources so that the rest of America can get over being surprised and allow Texas to rejoin the community of nations.

Progressive Texas is a big place, of course, and many groups take their Texas time putting information about themselves up on the web. New groups might exist for some years before calling much attention to themselves. So, if you know of any progressive candidates, information resources or organizations in Texas that we don't have listed here, let us know so that we can consider including them in our growing index.

If you're in the mood for action, one simple thing you can do is to visit the largest selection of progressive Texas bumper stickers and political buttons anywhere on the web. Select a message that suits your interest, and then start spreading the word: Texas progressives are done sitting down and shutting up while the Republicans run the show.

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