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The Progressive State of Washington

Washington State has it all - from smooth inland lakes to roiling seas, from a temperate rain forest to high desert, and mountains all inbetween connecting remote back country with the metropolis of Seattle. Diversity is the hallmark of Washington State, and that's what make it such a great place for progressive Americans to live. The only thing you can say for sure about Washingtonians is that each one is an individual, and that there is no single standard for what a Washington resident is supposed to be.

There's so much progressive action going on in Washington that even the best of activists can get lost. That's why we've put together this collection of links to progressive resources in the State of Washington. If you know of additional progressive candidates, information resources or organizations in Washington, let us know so we can consider including them here.

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Progressive Organizations in Washington State

Washington State Democratic Party

Radical Women - Freedom Socialist Party

Eastern Washington Voters

Northwest Progressive Institute

Seattle Activism

Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility

Seattle PFLAG

Washington Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

Northwest Earth Institute

Cascade Land Conservancy

Columbia Riverkeeper

Orca Network

Washingtonians for Wilflife Conservation

Save the Hanford Reach

Sound Experience Environmental Programs

Washington Environmental Council

Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition

Statewide Poverty Action Network

Washington Wilderness Coalition

American Civil Liberties Union of Washington State

Humanists of Washington

International Bicycle Fund

Washington Toxics Coalition


Amnesty International of Seattle

Asha Seattle

Whatcom Peace and Justice Center

Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action

Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace

Food Not Bombs of Seattle

Washington Truth in Recruiting

Mainstream News Sources

Moscow-Pullman Daily News

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The Olympian

Progressive Sources of News and Information from Washington State

Seattle Weekly

Reclaim the Media

Eat the State

Left Bank Books

Yes Magazine


The Whatcom Watch

Into the Breach

Washington Outsiders

Washington Irregular News

Messages for a Progressive Washington State

The Irregular State of Washington

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