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Wisconsin has a great history of progressive political action, and that history continues right up to the present day. However, the national Republican elite has targeted Wisconsin as a place where they will attempt to take back the social progress of the last five decades to enact a reactionary agenda to restrict the freedoms that the people of Wisconsin have fought to bring to all of America. Now, with Scott Walker in power, Republicans are looking to Wisconsin for the worst kind of leadership. More than ever before, Wisconsin progressives need to band together to stand up for freedom against the forces of fear.

Wisconsin is much more than America's Dairyland - there are a lot of great things going on in Madison, Milwaukee, Oshkosh and beyond. If you know of additional candidates, information resources or organizations in Wisconsin that have a progressive inclination, let us know so we can consider them for inclusion here.

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Progressive Dane Party - an independent political party of and for Dane County

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One Wisconsin Now

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Wisconsin Wave

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Wisconsin Friends of John Muir

Pro-Choice Wisconsin

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin

National Organization for Women in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Women's Network

Wisconsin Assembly for Local Arts

River Alliance of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Sierra Club

Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group (PIRG)

Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice

Madison Area Peace Coalition

Madison Hours

River Alliance of Wisconsin

Natural Heritage Land Trust

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

Freethought Society of Wisconsin

Sustain Dane

Madison Critical Mass

Wisconsin Election Watch

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Uppity Wisconsin

The Capital Times

Madison times

The Progressive

Brew City Brawler

The Political Environment

Burlington Area Progressives

Blue Racine

Wisconsin Grassroots

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